Breast cancer metastasis to brain

I wonder if anyone can share their experiences. My mum has recently been diagnosed with multiple brain mets - she had breast cancer in for which she had a radical bilateral mastectomies and chemo and radiotherapy - she then had a recurrence in March 17 and we found out it had spread to her adrenal gland and nodes in her chest - she had just finished chemo and is having 3 weekly herceptin injections when she was rushed to hospital and we found out that it had spread to her brain. If anyone has experienced anything similar and would be prepared to share that experience I would so grateful as I feel so hopeless xx. I'm extremely sorry to be reading about your poor Mum and the hard time you're going through right now. Whether I'm of any help to you or not I don't know.
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End-of-life symptoms of metastatic breast cancer

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Metastatic breast cancer: End-of-life symptoms and care

Metastasis is a complex process in which malignant cancer cells from the breast spread into other regions of the body. Once metastasis has occurred, it is much more difficult to effectively treat breast cancer. Sometimes metastasis has occurred at the time the original breast cancer is diagnosed. However, in other cases, the metastasis of breast cancer is found months or even years after the initial treatment. Breast cancer cells travel through the body like any other cancer cells. Firstly, cancer cells can invade neighbouring healthy tissue. Following this, the cancer cells then invade local lymph nodes or blood vessels.
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Brain mets from breast cancer

Triple-negative breast cancers are more likely than other breast cancer types to metastasize and are especially likely to go the brain in younger women. Researchers have tested various hypotheses to explain this danger. One idea that has gotten little attention is the thought that estrogen might be to blame. After all, triple negative breast cancers lack estrogen receptors along with progesterone receptors and HER2, thus the name triple negative , and so these cancers can't possibly be influenced by estrogen.
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What is secondary breast cancer in the brain? Newly diagnosed or worried about a symptom? What is leptomeningeal metastases? How is secondary breast cancer in the brain treated?
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